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Private Sessions

Are you ready to try out different types of Pilates equipment to take your exercise routine to the next level? Or maybe you are new to Pilates and need some extra guidance. Working one-on-one we will focus on what you need.

In a private session we will find a plan that works for you and your body. I help customise what your whole week will look like to compliment your sessions with me. Individual sessions are a great way to fully focus on your needs and maximize the value of your time. 

Virtual training sessions with me via Zoom are a great option as we can work together regardless of where you live. I’ll be giving you verbal cues for each exercise and correcting form and helping you with what props to keep at home.

Mat Pilates Sessions

 In a small group Mat Pilates class we will focus on a full-body feel good workout where you will learn how to:
  • Have greater mind-body awareness
  • Work core stability and body balance
  • Increase flexibility, agility and mobility
  • Relief pain & tension
  • Work on improving imbalances to correct
  • Work on a better posture

Pre/Postnatal Sessions

Do you need help with safe, pre/postnatal exercises or recovering and healing you body from having a baby? Classes are geared towards helping moms, during and after pregnancy, to strengthen their bodies and prepare them for birth and life with a baby. 

We will work on:
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor
  • Improve diastasis recti
  • Regain a good posture and prevent back pain
  • Strengthen and energise your whole body

Waiver Acceptance

First-time clients, please click below to read and accept the liability release.  Thank you! 
Questions? Email me!