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About Daniela

Daniela Malkowski, founder of Pilates with D, is a certified STOTT Pilates instructor and personal trainer.  Her practice is centered around a holistic approach to mindful movement, breathing and correct form & muscle engagement.  

"I am a strong believer that good movement & nutrition are an integral part of a happy, healthy life."

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One-on-one sessions focused on your individual needs offered in person at my studio or virtually, through Zoom.  Learn More.

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Small Group Mat Pilates 

 Virtual Mat Pilates classes delivering a full-body, feel-good workout.
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Virtual sessions on the mat centered on pre and postnatal care. 
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 What people are saying about Pilates with D....

"Daniela is simply amazing...where to begin to describe her awesomeness and how she's impacted my life??? I met her about two years ago, at the urging of a dear friend who knew I wanted to make healthier choices and get in better shape. My friend Jess [D you can take her name out if you don't want other names in here]  kept saying, "Pilates will transform your body! And trust me...you'll love Daniela!" So I gave it a shot and started seeing Daniela at least weekly (with a goal of twice weekly)...and over a six month period with a lot of dedication and encouragement, I can say that Daniela and her teaching truly did transform my body. I had never really been in great shape, and I certainly wasn't strong or coordinated. But she got me there! I can't tell you how much I treasure our early morning sessions and spending that time with Daniela and my dear friend. Her deep knowledge of the body and ability to apply her expertise in the STOTT method was a tremendous benefit for my injured neck and shoulder. And she is also very knowledgeable with regards to healthy eating and other lifestyle improvements. She knows what she's doing and how to tailor to her clients' needs. I found myself feeling so much better, so so much stronger, and actually proud of my body and how I looked after working with her all those months. In Pilates, I have finally found something that I enjoy doing for exercise and strength, and I will surely continue with it as a lifestyle. And...Daniela is just about the best friend and listener and encourager I've ever met. Beyond thankful to have found her! "

~  Julia

"Pilates with D is the most innovative and creative workout I’ve ever done. After years of doing pilates we never do the same thing twice! Daniela is fantastic at finding your “weak link” and focusing on strengthening it! I have loved pilates for a long time, but Pilates with D takes it to the next level! "

~  Elisa

"I have always known pilates was magical, but since starting training with Daniela, my body has changed and improved in ways I didn't know was possible for someone in her late 30s. Over the past two years Daniela helped me regain my strength and mindfulness following a very high-risk pregnancy. Her post-partum workouts were challenging, productive and fun! And then, when I found out I was pregnant again, her prenatal classes supported me throughout. I am certain that the reason I felt great (and gained less weight) that second pregnancy is because of Daniela's endless support and constant modification of workouts to meet me and my body on a particular day. I also loved getting to train with other women on the same motherhood journey in the group classes! Thank you for all you do, Daniela! You're an amazing teacher and personal coach"

~  Jessica
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